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1 Bucky skull 4th quality
2 Bucky legs 4th quality
2 Bucky arms 4th quality
1 back pack
1 set old windbreaker clothes
5 yards of nylon fabric for chute
1/8” rope for the lines approximately 120 feet
4 D-Ring clasps
1” PVC pipe
1/2” PVC pipe
1 pair panty hose
1 can of amber shellac
Black paint
2 metal coat hangers
5/16” eye bolt with 2 nuts and 2 washers.
Drill bits
Dremal rotary tool
7/8" Hole saw
Paint brushes
Wire cutters
Tin snip cutters

As a skydiver I have always been afraid of getting stuck in a tree so, I decided To bring my fear to life in my Halloween display. Any questions or comments Email me or sign the guest book

Step 1. I had to enlarge the hole in the Bucky skull.
I mainly used a Dremal rotary tool with a rasp
type bit. A hand file will work.
The hole needs to be large enough for
the 1” PVC pipe. Drill a 3/8” hole in the top of the
skull for the eye bolt. This bolt was added later
it does not appear in many pictures. It is used to
hang from the tree. Use two part epoxy to glue
the skull cap to the skull. I also glued the mouth shut.
Step 2: Cut a piece of 1” PVC pipe around 30 inches for
the spine. Cut a piece of 1/2” PVC pipe around 17 inches
for the shoulders. Measure down 6 inches on the 1” PVC
pipe drill a hole large enough for the 1/2” PVC pipe to slide
through. This Hole will give you the height of the neck.
Drill holes for screws to attach the skull to the 1” PVC.
Also attach the 1/2” Shoulder PVC to the 1” spine PVC.
Drill holes in the ends of the 1/2” PVC for the arm
Step 3: Since I order only one leg I had to make
a second leg. I will not go into details on how to
make a leg. It is better to buy two of them. Cut
two pieces of 1/2" PVC at 14 inches for hip support.
Drill two holes in the 1” PVC at 1 1/2” from the bottom
and a hole at 3” from the bottom. Center the 14 inch
pieces in the 1 inch PVC holes. Cut and trim the 1/2" PVC as needed to install the hip bones on. Screw the hip bone to
the top and lower 1/2” PVC pipes.

Click Here for rear view
Step 4: Cut a piece of 1/2” PVC at 8 inches
for the breast bone.
Cut a metal coat hanger long enough to make
a loop around the top of the neck.
Cut the hook off a metal coat hanger.
Drill a hole through the top and bottom
of the breast bone large enough for the coat hanger.
Drill a hole in the spine about midway down for the
rib cage. Drill a set of holes on each side of the neck
in the shoulder 1/2” PVC pipe.
Insert the short coat hanger in the top of the breast
bone PVC and attach it to the neck holes.
Attach the long coat hanger to the bottom of the
breast bone and bend it the shape of a rib cage attach it to the spine.
Fill the chest cavity with Styrofoam or other water proof filler.

Step 5: Test fit of clothes and position of chest filling
And now for the magic to happen.













Step 6: I used a few pairs of pantyhose for the skin. Stretch the pantyhose over the bones cut and slice the pantyhose in a few locations

Step 7: Painting the skydiver. I used amber shellac
Just brush it on and let it dry.
After the shellac dries
paint the inside of the nose
and eyes black.
Step 8: I had a neighbor that could sew a
parachute for me. I got the material from
a fabric store. One yard of yellow nylon
two yards of purple cut in one yard pieces
two yards of burgundy cut in one yard pieces
She also sewed in tabs on each corner and
where the colors meet. Total of 12 tabs two
on each seam This was used to attach
the lines to the backpack. Cut the 1/8” rope
into 10 foot lengths. Tie the 1/8” rope
lines to the sewn tabs and to the D-ring
clips. Attach the clips to the backpack.
Step 9: Hanging from the tree. I do not hang
the skeleton from the parachute lines. I use
the eye bolt in the skull and a rope tie around
the shoulders. Tie a rope around the shoulders
and hoist the skeleton up into the tree. Tie the
shoulder and head rope to a strong branch.
clip the parachute D-rings to the backpack
drape the parachute in the tree and tie it to
various branches.


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