Here are the photos I have of my mausoleum. I spent around two weeks working on this. It is hard to believe it is made of foam. The paint that my neighbor gave me really helped out on the realism. I built it so it can be stored real easy somewhere. Just tear apart the walls and the four-piece roof take it away. The ghost is made of "blued" cheesecloth (The cloth was soaked in laundry detergent for 10 minutes, Rinsed by hand, Dried.) with a black light mounted above the door. I really enjoyed building it. Next year I hope to add some details. I ran out of time.

This is a photo of the mausoleum during the day. Here is a little close up of the mausoleum with the ghost in it
I have the black light turned out. I turned on the black light to give you an idea of what she looks like. You can really see her red eyes in this one.
Here is a farther away view of my ghost. She was moving around when this photo was taken. She is a little camera shy.    
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